At Blue Core we offer our clients the option of outsourcing their logistics and management of complex supply chain projects. Our solutions cover all aspects of planning, control and supply chain executions, from point of origin to point of consumption. We tailor any supply chain solution to our clients’ specific requirements and needs – ensuring optimal efficiency throughout the entire process. This end-to-end service means that we are able to provide our clients with complete one-stop solutions, minimising their operating costs and allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

Project cargo

Blue Core’s dedicated Project Cargo Network consist of teams of cross-functional, experienced and professional Project Cargo Specialists. We design and implement best practice solutions for the movement of our clients’ assets in transit, from pre-project feasibility studies right through to delivery – on time, in full, with complete administration. Our solutions are further enhanced by our systematic approach to risk management, which includes critical checks and balances to provide early warnings and limit reactive measures. These systems empower our clients to make the right decisions to protect your investments and minimise costly errors.


Through Blue Core’s industry knowledge and experience, we are able to acquire goods and services on behalf of our clients at the best possible cost in order to meet their needs in terms of quality, quantity, time, and location. We maintain robust controls, including the establishment of monitoring and evaluation metrics, over these procurement contracts.

Blue Core Logistics is a Level-2 BBBEE Supplier, boasting a final score of 92.85 points out of a possible 100, with a BEE procurement level of 125%. Blue Core also advises clients in terms of the development and support of suppliers as well as contractors from disadvantaged backgrounds for the advancement of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Warehousing and distribution

Should our clients require warehousing, Blue Core is able to accommodate any type of cargo (general cargo, bulk storage, high value cargo, cold storage, bonded and IR cargo, etc.) We can tailor any warehousing solution, which might include full IT functionality and integration, to suit our client’s needs. Whether via Blue Core’s dedicated fleet or our international network of partners we are able to distribute cargo wherever it needs to go.


Blue Core Logistics offers confidence in an uncertain world by providing planning and forecasting services to its clients, enabling them to deliver optimally – just in time or just in sequence.

supply chain services

Inventory control

In order to ensure an adequate supply without excessive oversupply, the supply, storage and accessibility of items need to be meticulously managed. Our clients can outsource their entire internal control function to us, or a part thereof, together with its management. They can also draw on our consulting expertise – whatever our involvement our clients can be confident that it will result in reduced expenses and an optimal supply model.

Supply chain optimisation

In business, a focus on optimisation separates the wheat from the chaff. Clients, consumers and an uncertain economic outlook are forcing manufacturers and supply chain owners to squeeze every last drop of efficiency from their operations. Optimisation means reduced costs and an enhanced reputation. Blue Core Logistics is able to apply industry-tested processes and tools to ensure the optimal operation of your manufacturing and distribution supply chain, whatever its complexity. This often involves the application of mathematical modelling techniques, on-demand software, cloud computing solutions and mobile technologies. Blue Core will ensure that your supply chain stays lean, cost-efficient, and instantaneously responsive to even minor fluctuations in demand.

Warehouse management systems

A warehouse management system is a key part of the supply chain. Blue Core is able to manage, control, and streamline the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, put-away and picking.

Cross docking

Cross-docking – moving materials between transport solutions with little or no storage in between – streamlines the supply chain, as long as it is managed strictly. Blue Core is able to guarantee our clients this complete control, resulting in reduced labour costs, reduced warehousing costs, better delivery times, and less risk of inventory handling.