Blue Core’s in-house industrial psychology unit is able to advise clients on various HR and organisational matters. We are able to psychometrically assess drivers, crew members, and other personnel on a variety of measures. This enables Blue Core to assist clients in areas such as change management, labour relations, human resource management, career development, and training.

Employees who are emotionally, cognitively and personally committed to their organisation give that organisation its competitive advantage. We assist our clients to create employees that find their work meaningful, are responsible, accountable, and who share their knowledge with others within the organisation. We do this through the following value-added service offerings:

Industrial relations

In South Africa’s dynamic labour legislative framework it is imperative that all businesses keep abreast of the latest developments so as to comply with the relevant laws, foster harmonious relations, and ensure fair labour practices.

Our in-house team can advise our partners in order to protect the rights of both employees and employers. We also have extensive experience with disciplinary procedures and are able to conduct, chair or consult on disciplinary enquiries.

Team building, motivation and retention

A workforce that is motivated and committed is more resilient and robust, while at the same time being more flexible and responsive to change.

Our industrial psychology team is able to ensure improved motivation and enhance the attraction and retention of top talent; reduce costs associated with turnover, absenteeism and low productivity; and increase innovation through collaboration and communication.

Change management

In business, one thing that remains constant is change. Whether you are employing new staff, altering existing staffing arrangements, instituting new processes or adapting old ones, bringing new technologies or products to market, or moving your physical premises, changes will impact on how your employees do their jobs.

The success of a change in your business depends on the way in which employees make their own personal transition. Blue Core provides change management services that encourage and enable employees to make that journey.


Training and development

In collaboration with our business partners we can oversee the entire training process, from needs analysis through to design and implementation.

Alternatively, we can provide qualified trainers to present already existing material, or develop material tailored to the needs of our partners.

Psychometric testing

Blue Core is able to implement a wide range of psychometric testing procedures, including cognitive and personality testing, career interest assessments, and the setting up of development and assessments centres.

These procedures can be integrated into several business streams, including staff recruitment, selection, and development, succession planning, and career management.

Career and performance management, coaching and mentoring

Blue Core’s industrial psychologists can assist employees with the planning and development of their careers, and are able to institute monitoring and evaluation metrics to track and enhance the performance of key employees.

Blue Core is also able to provide coaching and mentoring services to key employees, resulting in a workforce operating at its full potential.

Organisational and job analysis and design

The design of the structure of a business can have an enormous influence on the productivity, motivation and morale of employees, as well as reducing costs and maximising profits.

Blue Core’s industrial psychologists are tasked to ensure the complete and accurate analysis and design of all jobs within the organisation.

HR planning, recruitment and selection

Blue Core Logistics is able to assist with the identification, recruitment, and retention of top talent.

This saves our clients unnecessary expenses, and provides them with a stronger, more effective workforce. Industrial psychologists use psychometric tests, interviews, and assessment centres as aids in the selection process.


Blue Core is attentive to improving logistical processes at every step of the operation. Ergonomic considerations improve employees’ physical efficiency in their working environment, resulting in less absenteeism, and greater morale and motivation.